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Finkinetics is a website where you can find unlisted shares and delisted shares which are available for trading at the best price. We are one of the best dealers of unlisted shares and delisted shares in India.

All the transactions at Finkinetics will be 100% transparent and will follow proper legal process.


Unlisted Shares

Are the shares of the company which are not listed on any stock exchange. Hence it is not traded publicly.

Delisted Shares

Are those shares of a company that is removed from stock exchange where it is traded on an enduring basis.


Initial public offering is a type of public offering in which shares of a company are sold to institutional investors and retail investors also then traded on stock market.

Stock Market

At Finkinetics, We have created this platform to offer best deals in buying or selling unlisted and delisted shares.

Mutual Fund

We are group of AMFI certified mutual fund distributor. We prepare your financial plan after understanding your goal and financial situation.


Life and Health Insurance plays a vital role in our financial well being, It Provides financial security when it’s needed most.
We do insure our car and our home, But nothing is more important than life. So insure your first and greatest asset – You!!

“Wide spread fear is your friend as an investor because it serves us bargain purchases”

– Warren Buffet

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Excellent professional service great and helpful staff. I will recommend to other people.

Ajay Tiwari, GM(P) @ ONGC Ltd

Finkinetics team deliver truly professional financial planning services and put their client's interests first. I’d happily recommend.

Chandrakant Phadke, GM(P) @ ONGC Ltd

Thank you to Finkinetics who formulated our advice. It’s so comprehensive, it just reaffirms our complete faith in you.

Rakesh Shukla, Marketing Director @ Suzlon Ltd

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